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NYC Street Vendor Justice Coalition

The NYC Street Vendor Justice Coalition (SVJC), a group of organizations representing small businesses, public space, labor and immigrant rights advocates, was formed in 2021 to advocate for a fair vending system in NYC, one that treats our city’s smallest businesses with dignity, respect, and offers them the opportunity to formalize their businesses.

Street vendors are New York City's smallest businesses, and an essential part of the fabric of our City's culture and economy. Nearly 20,000 entrepreneurs, primarily immigrants, people of color, military veterans and women, are employed as street vendors. Their work ensures under-resourced neighborhoods have access to fresh, affordable food and merchandise, that commercial districts have diversity of business, while serving a quintessential New York experience to tourists and residents alike. As small-business owners and job creators who pay millions of dollars in taxes, street vendors are exactly the type of hard-working entrepreneurs our City should encourage.

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