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Small Business
Empowerment Program

SVP launched our Small Business Empowerment Program in 2020  to provide a holistic approach to establishing financial independence, self-sufficiency, and small business growth for vendors across the five boroughs. Our multilingual program provides vendors with the tools, resources, and skills to grow their businesses, so they feel empowered to make business decisions that will help them succeed —with a particular investment and focus on women-owned businesses.


Street vendors engage with the program in three phases:


  1. ​Business Compliance and Digital Literacy 
    • Street Vending 101: Business compliance such as citing rules; obtaining necessary documentation to operate including ITIN numbers, Sales Tax Certificate of Authority, and mobile food vending licenses; and tax payments. 

    • E-payments: Exploring and setting up electronic payment systems, which have become crucial in an increasingly cashless economy. 

    • Social media: Using different platforms and apps to promote and market products online, as well as online vending. 

  2. Personal Finance and Finance for Small Businesses
    • Finance for small businesses: 

      • Providing tangible tools and making sure vendors have the proper documents needed to be loan-ready, keeping in mind the wide range of financial literacy within our membership including those who operate relatively informally and/or have difficulty accessing technology like Excel and QuickBooks. 

      • Personal finance, such as banking basics and understanding credit. We have established partnerships with several CDFIs to support vendors in creating personal and business bank accounts and other financial assistance. 

      • Working with vendors to identify grant and loan opportunities and complete applications. 

  3. Marketing
    • Brand marketing: Creating logos, menus, business cards, and other marketing materials to help vendors make their businesses uniquely theirs. 
    • Market opportunities: Connecting vendors to business inquiries from individuals or organizations looking to hire street vendors for public or private events; information on participating in street festivals and pop-up markets, and connecting vendors to additional market opportunities outside of their standard business operation.  


By empowering vendors to improve their financial literacy, our services help them integrate into the formalized economy - allowing them to open bank accounts, access credit, regularly pay and file taxes, and grow their businesses. The program has grown exponentially, due to the demand from our members. In 2022, we conducted over 500 individual consultations with vendors.  

To learn more, please reach out to

Maria Tahay.JPG

Maria Tahay

One of the business services SVP provides our members with is one-on-one consultations to personalize their business marketing. SVP staff met with Maria Tahay, a Guatemalan food vendor based in Corona, Queens, to develop her business’s visual identity, design a new logo and print business cards so she can connect to more job opportunities! Program Coordinator, to design her new logo & business cards!

Success Stories

Vixton Allen.jpg

Vixton Allen

Meet Vixton Allen, an honorably discharged US military veteran who has been an SVP member since 2009. Each year SVP helps him to renew his Citywide Specialized vending license, supporting him to fill out the online application form.

Street Vendor Entrepreneurship Accelerator.jpg

Street Vendor Entrepreneurship Accelerator

SVP’s Street Vendor Entrepreneurship Accelerator supports a cohort of 12 to grow their businesses through tailored workshops & guidance from professionals, while building a multicultural cohort of street vendor entrepreneurs. This 6-month program is being taught in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

Hire a vendor

Do you want to hire a street vendor for your event? Here's how it works:

Note: We ask that you submit a request at least TWO WEEKS in advance of your event, so we have adequate time to reach out to potential vendors.

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