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Corona Plaza is Back! A Testament to the Power of Organizing

Wednesday, November 29th, was the first day back for the vendors of Corona Plaza, debuting the first of its kind “Community Vending Market” in New York City. It's the result of street vendors, primarily immigrant women, coming together to fight for their rightful place in our city.

In Corona, Queens, street vending became a lifeline for the local community to provide for their families and serve their neighborhood at the height of the pandemic. With the support of the Street Vendor Project, vendors banded together to form the Corona Plaza Street Vendors Association (AVA) and establish themselves as a valuable local stakeholder. Their leadership and valiant efforts are to be commended, as they rose above the classist, xenophobic rhetoric that permeated our city this summer to establish a historic model that can be replicated citywide.

In the words of Rosario Troncoso, AVA board president and member of SVP's Leadership Board, "We look forward to growing our collaboration with all involved in this project to make the market an example for the entire city, and to continue contributing to the economy of our neighborhood, Corona, Queens. This is just the beginning."

We are grateful to Queens Borough President Donovan Richards and Deputy Mayor Meera Joshi for championing Corona Plaza as a true model of local economic development, our partners Queens Economic Development Corporation, Congressmember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, State Senator Jessica Ramos, Assemblymembers Catalina Cruz and Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, alongside nearly 13,000 New Yorkers who signed petitions of support. This collaborative effort truly demonstrates the valuable role street vendors hold in our City. 

So come out and support the Corona Plaza Vendors' return! Stop by Corona Plaza for all your holiday shopping and to congratulate the vendors, anytime Wednesday - Sunday, 9 AM - 8 PM!







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