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Street Vendor Project Responds to Brooklyn Bridge Vendor Ban

New York, NY In response to the Adams Administration's ban of street vendors from the Brooklyn Bridge, the Street Vendor Project at the Urban Justice Center released the following statement from Mohamed Attia, Managing Director:

"Street vendors are a part of every major tourist attraction in cities around the world, cherished for the souvenirs and services they provide to visitors. Last Friday, the Adams administration announced that it is banning vending on the bridge, without any consideration to these small businesses. Dozens of New Yorkers who depend on street vending to support their families are now at risk, as they are not eligible for severance or unemployment benefits when they lose work. 

All parties agree that ensuring pedestrian accessibility is key. Yet wholesale restrictions that discriminate against military veterans and working-class New Yorkers should never be the solution. Conversations and finding creative solutions should be the go-to approach. Today is a sad day for vendors on the bridge and across the city, that more restrictions are being placed on a system that’s already too complicated to work with. We hope that our City will support our smallest businesses and include them in conversations to find middle-ground solutions."



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